Always wear a leash

Having been involved in Standup Paddleboarding for the last 11 years, I have seen many articles and comments regarding wearing leashes whilst paddle boarding.

Currently it is not compulsory in all States of Australia to wear leashes whilst Standup Paddleboarding, however my advice to everyone is WEAR ONE.

Any business who is involved in the Hire/Rental of Standup paddle boards should in my opinion, supply a leash with the board and ask the user to wear it.

I am sure it would assist in having clients appreciate the fact your business wants all aspects of safety and care for you.

You may be the best paddleboarder around, but mishaps happen – fall off  tide running, wind blowing, board takes off and you cannot swim quick enough to catch it.

And what if one of the children were on the board in the above scenario, even if they are wearing a PDF. Frightful scenario. Maybe your pet on the board, same scenario.

All these senarios happened recently here and in the USA.

A small cost to have added safety especially in ocean as well as rivers, lakes, canals, creeks, knowing  you can always be in reach of your paddle board.

Leashes can also be used to keep your paddle board from floating away if you are on the bank, by a boat, pontoon or jetty, utilize the leash.

                BE CAREFUL, BE SAFE, WEAR A LEASH!


Greg Stewart
Managing Director
Sabre Surf/Paddleboard and Surfboard Warehouse