Construction Explanations

Sabre Surf Construction Explanations

There are so many phrases, terms, explanations regarding Stand-up Paddle Boards and construction processes. We would like to offer some explanations to try to assist you in your thoughts.

Firstly, we cannot in anyway explain to you completely about all the construction processes used to make different paddle boards and surfboards as that would be like trying to explain to you all the differences in car manufacture.

Polystyrene or styro foam is the product most commonly used as the core or blank of the SUP as it allows us to build large or bulky boards but maintain the light weight and used in conjunction with Epoxy resins, to create an Epoxy paddle board/surfboard.

So Epoxy paddle boards are basically all the same? NO this is not correct.

Allow me to use an explanation from a very knowledgeable, well known surf craft builder and friend, Ed Angulo, he states:

Let’s use cardboard as a simple illustration to explain the difference between conventional glassing and “sandwiched” in between. If you tried to build a box using only 1 layer of paper your box most likely would be flimsy and not able to carry much of a load. This is parallel to conventional glassing. Now to make an exponentially stronger box that can carry considerable load, you would use 2 layers of cardboard + a corrugated centre. This is equal to sandwich. Now if you choose to build a box with a single layer of paper that would support the same load as the corrugated sandwich, your single layer would need to be substantially thicker and therefore the the box would end up weighing considerably much more than the corrugated sandwich box.

This example is quite basic and is made to help stimulate a more inquiring mind when it comes to selecting an Epoxy paddle board.

Also it needs to be noted that other variables need to include, quality of Epoxy resin/cloths applied, qualifications of the hands applying it, the environment where it is made.  A conventional glassed Epoxy board can be quality product if the appropriate glass schedule is applied to pure quality foam, using the best resins and cloth and experienced craftsmen, however, this product can never be the ultimate in strength to weight, as this ratio can only be achieved in sandwich type construction”

So as you can see , there as so many variables in paddle board building, boards built with Bamboo, veneers, PVC, carbon being very popular, but carbon is also like Epoxy , it is simply a material that comes in different weights and grades so choice to application is very important.

We at Sabre Surf want to assure you that we make every effort with our manufacturing experience and experienced team, to use top shelf materials, quality machinery and well trained personal to build the best quality products for you we can, we will keep affordable prices for quality product with our promise of guarantee.