Paddle Care


Carbon fibre paddles and Every Day use

As stated by Jim Terrell from Quick blade Paddle, a world leader in Kayaking and Stand-up Paddle Board paddles.

Sharp Objects, UV and scratches are the kryptonite to anything made from carbon fibre.

One scratch can lead to breakage later in time.

Carbon is quite brittle, so although it can bend quite substantially and twist, these actions are normally applied slowly, ex: the bend in the shaft when paddling, the flex/bend when we lean on the shaft, but bend it quickly or fall on it and it will SNAP in most cases.

The carbon fibres fracture every time your paddle is dropped in the car park, the garage, hitting the shaft on the board, it creates scratches, fractures, even though small, eventually the paddle will break, normally on the area scratched.

The other leading factor experts advise is the UV rays and the sun. The sun slowly makes the carbon fibres brittle and more so each time it is in the sun, so eventually it will break/snap, not because of faulty manufacture or material but due to the nature of the material.

Even though most manufacturers offer great warranty, they cannot always offer replacement, because the reason may well be it is scratched, dropped or been in the heat for long periods.

Paddle breakage occurs mainly from unsuspecting hits/scratches and heat.