Paddleboarding Advice

Care of the Paddle board/Paddle boarding Advice Faults

Beginner paddlers tend to lean forward at the waist, use their arms, neglecting the larger muscles such as back, core and of course legs.

Paddle grip is too close together; this again neglects larger muscle groups, back, core, legs.

Looking down at your feet.

Not enough paddle in the water and far enough forward.

Paddling past your feet.

Advice to help improve

Straighten your arms, bend your knees, twist your core(stomach)and you will feel your back muscles engage and become much stronger, all of these tips will make your back, legs and core so much stronger.

Place one hand on the paddle handle and the other approx. chest high, slide you bottom hand up or down to suit your style.

Look at the horizon or beach.

Reach forward and down with your paddle stroke, let the paddle blade push the water, remember once the paddle goes past your feet it is in an upward motion and pushes your board nose down.

All this does is waste energy.


Like all products, sun will and can affect your board, deck pads can bubble from excessive heat, the boards can have what is called delamination due to excessive heat.

Try keeping your board away from excessive heat and sun by placing it in a cover or in a cooler place.

Hose the board with clean water after use.

Check your board for any cracks or splits.

Protect your board rails with tape, or tape your paddle blade, this keeps your board looking better longer.

Your paddle if carbon is susceptible to heat, Carbon will bubble or blister is excessive heat, so avoid leaving your paddle in the hot car uncovered.

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