Every summer we sell hundreds of paddleboards to beginners and for some reason they’re always to shy to ask about basic SUP techniques.

So we’ve made a bunch of handy SUP Beginner Tip videos.

Todays tip – How to hold your SUP Paddle correctly.

One of the most common mistakes we see out on the water is paddlers holding the paddle backward, with the bend facing toward the back of the board.

There’s a bend in all stand up paddles just above the paddle blade. This bend should be positioned so that the paddle tip is angled slightly forward when the paddle is held vertically.

The reason for this is to increase leverage and keep the paddle perpendicular to the water throughout more of the stroke. This means more power and efficiency.

The “T” grip on the top of the paddle should be held with the palm on the back of it with the fingers warpped over the top. Your other hand should be somewhere on the upper-middle of the shaft, you should position it where ever it’s comfortable for you.

Check out the video for more detail.