Warranty Information

XII. Warranty

All products imported by Sabre Surf carry min 14 day warranty, Surfboards carry a 3 month warranty, Paddle boards carry a 6 month Warranty (unless otherwise advised) against material defects and workmanship. Sabre Surf Industries endeavour to manufacture accessories, Surfboards and Paddle Boards of the highest Quality and Standard in our Industry. We have Quality Control personal and Schedules in place in our manufacturing Facility, along with strict QC programs and reports. However, Surfing and Stand-up Paddle Boarding are to suit the Individual and we are not able to Warrant the performance of each board or the individuals skills or ability to use that board, we offer practical advice on the information told to us from the Individual. Sabre Surf cannot warrant against Breakage, Heat Damage, Compressions, Dings, or Broken fin boxes, but we will always assess with the Customer, as it may be as a result outside of our control. Sabre Surf cannot warrant against Impact/force from outside sources, – be it beach, sand, rocks or personal, neglect, misuse, loss or damage to a third party, non-authorised repairs/alterations, natural discolouration or wear and tear. If you are the original purchaser, please return the board along with the original proof of purchase receipt to the Store or place of purchase,at owners expense, one of Sabre Surf authorised Agents will inspect the goods, the product may then be repaired, exchanged or replaced at our discretion.

1) The warranty is valid only when this product is used for  Personal normal recreational activities. Commercial use, Rental and Hire Services are not covered under this warranty.

2) All Factory Seconds, Demo Boards, Clearance Models have 14 day warranty.

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